Boulder is one of the best towns in the country to be homeless. There are many programs here, as well as kind residents and other services.  Below are a few options if you are looking to get involved:

  1. Boulder Shelter for the Homeless: Boulder’s main homeless shelter, providing shelter and food nightly.  There are many opportunities to volunteer here as an intake assistant, cook, staff assistant, or in dorm supply.  You can also donate money, clothes, or food to the shelter! Visit for more information.
  2. Boulder Food Rescue: A nonprofit organization whose goal is to create a more just and less wasteful food system. They facilitate the sustainable redistribution of healthy food to agencies who serve homeless and low-income individuals while educating each other about food justice. Volunteer as a biker picking up and delivering food. Really fun!
  3. Bridgehouse: A nonprofit that provides a range of programs and services to help adults experiencing homeless have access to the resources they need for a better future. Their programs are arranged across their Bridge of Opportunity from basic needs to employment and housing.  Reach out and see how you can help!
  4. Attention Homes:  A safe resource for youth in crisis providing safe shelter, case management, and wraparound services so that homeless and displaced youth can become stable, independent members of our community and achieve their potential.  Visit to learn more!
  5. Colorado Friendship: Delivers food and clothing to those who need it most — low-income and poverty-stricken children and families, and the homeless and indigent in Boulder County.  Reach out to to volunteer serving food, giving out clothes and meeting the local homeless population!  Sunday evenings, 5-7 pm.