[Translated from Spanish]

“I was in jail – since then I’ve been free for two years.  When you have been in jail, it’s so difficult to find a job because they investigate you.  They reject you if they find out that you were in jail.

So there is nothing I can do about my past.  It is what got me here.  I made many mistakes along the way.  There are so many things I wish I could do again.  But that is not possible, so I have to accept the circumstances.

I don’t have any family or anyone else, so I didn’t know where to go.  It is hard to have any self-confidence when everywhere you go, people think you’re a criminal and don’t wanna help you.  

I’m doing as well as I can under the circumstances.  Most people who live on the streets drink or do drugs.  I don’t do any bad drugs.  Just alcohol and marijuana.  I think drinking is essential to survive out here.  Otherwise, it is too painful.

Home is right where I am.  With a new friend, such as yourself!”

-Jesús (Mexico City, Mexico)