[Translated from Spanish]

“Because I’m old, they have no work for me.  Because of my age, they laid me off – because of the sickness (COVID).  It’s fucked up.  I’m eating food I find in the street.  the good thing is that we are in Mexico.  People are caring and look you in the eye.  Like you helped me now.

People say Mexico is so dangerous.  But they don’t know what they are talking about.  In one way, Mexico is dangerous.  There is crime.  But everyday, people show that they care about me and all of us who live on the street.  They give if they can, but they usually look me in the eye nonetheless.

So I would rather live somewhere people have big hearts.  Mexicans are the most open-hearted people in the world.  I believe that.  So I love this country, and I understand that there have been many problems economically.  But I am a proud Mexican.

‘La Calle esta peligroso!’  You should learn this.  The streets are dangerous!  That is what they say.

Home to me is where I lay my head.  A bench.  The grass.  The sidewalk.  What choice do I have? Haha!”

-Davíd (Mexico City, Mexico)