His story:

Burnt some bridges.  I have, what you’d call, enablers.  People that, when I’m with them, I do bad things.  

I’ve been on the street for about 10 years.  It’s a lot different here in Colorado. When I was homeless in Iowa City, I always had a place to go.

I see what’s really goin’ on.  I’ve seen a lot of stuff. I spent a year in downtown Denver.  That was a trip. You see a lot of stuff down there, man. Lot of stuff.  Way more intense.

What is home:

The streets, I guess.  I’m a street rat. Any streets.  I’ve been travelin’ a lot. Pretty much touch down in any city and, you know, I figure it out.  Unless I find a sugar mama or somethin, I’ll be doin’ this for a long time. I wouldnt’ mind workin’ again, though.

Homelessness in America:

A lot of the places and things set up to help are really bad.  A lot of that stuff really isn’t workin. You have all these programs, they just don’t really help.

Average day:

At first it was hard to hold a sign, but then I started making some money.  I really don’t care what anyone thinks. This is the only thing I have. The only way I have for making money other than robbin’ and stealin’, but I didn’t come here to do that shit.