His Story:

I played a logistics role in the military.  We worked on armoured passenger vehicles. They’d be hit by artillery shells, get damaged, we’d patch ‘em up, send ‘em right back out.  Anyway, I don’t know what it was; I got back, was drinkin’ too much, I guess. The wife didn’t like it; we divorced — that was three years ago.  We got three kids together.

We got our IDs stolen.  Gotta get those ID’s back and we’ll get back to work.  

Average Day:

There’s a social aspect where you feel like you don’t fit in no more.  I almost feel like a different species. I can’t relate to what normal people are doing or what’s on their mind.  I just feel very uncomfortable — like I don’t belong. We’re like outsiders.

Homelessness in America:

I see deeper layers of society that most people don’t see.  People are sizing you up based on how you look, but don’t know where you come from.  It’s like, you’re probably less of a criminal than what they thought.

What is home:

Real home for me is with Jesus.  I’m just passing through on Earth.  Go back home to Jesus and I’ll be at home then.  God provides when you really need it.