His story:

Some people come out by choice, I don’t.  

About 25 years ago, I got out of the penitentiary and couldn’t get a job because of my record. So I struggled and struggled, did some odd jobs, and it just got so tough I thought I might as well give up.  It’s really hard — I mean, I fell off the grid because I couldn’t get a job. Besides, I’m too old now to even think about a job.  

Average day:

It’s pretty dangerous.  I’ve been beat up, cut up — it’s pretty dangerous.  You gotta buck up, be bold, ’cause the rest of ‘em are gonna take advantage of ya if you ain’t.  

I could be worse off.  How? Shiiit, I could be dead, I could be in the hospital.  It could be a lot worse. In the wintertime, wooh buddy, you better have some gear.  

Homelessness in America:

Nobody should be homeless here.  This is the richest country in the whole world.  Richest country. I don’t know the figure, but I know there’s a mighty lot of homeless here.  And I think it sucks. The government should supply housing for those who really want it. Some don’t.  You can’t expect a man on the street to get a job. Where am I gonna clean up in the morning? Shower? Richest country in the world, you got millions of homeless, I just think it’s ridiculous.  

What is home:

Home to me is where I hang my hat. It could be right here, by the creek, wherever I find somewhere secure enough — by myself — to fall asleep. I’ll tell you what: not all homeless people are bad. You got some really good people out here. Good people struggle, too. I tell most people, you follow me one day and just basically see what the homeless do.