His story:

I’ve been doing it on and off for 18 years almost now.


We take care of each other; we work as a team.  We’re a crew, and that makes it a lot easier on us.  

The fact that there are more abandoned houses than homeless people these days is ridiculous!  And I feel like something needs to be done about that, but I’m not sure exactly how that can go down.  Because we’re looked down on so much for being homeless. There are certain people that are willing to hire homeless people, most people that aren’t.

Average day:

Cops are much friendlier here than they are in other places.  In Denver, you’re probably gonna be woken up with a shot to the ribs.  Here, it’s with a flashlight, maybe a kick to the bottom of the foot.

What is home:

I actually call this my house (my backpack), so I guess wherever I am is home.  I usually sleep by a riverbed or a highway on-ramp, or by a construction site but yeah, this is home — all of this.  Sittin’ in my living room right now!

Homelessness in America:

I don’t look at it like a homeless problem, per se.  More like a homeless issue. Because a lot of us do choose to be out here.  

I’ve heard people say free-range before.  I’m a free-range hobo!