I’ve been on the street for the past 20 years.  Since I was 14.  I’ve lived all over the country.  I started by traveling and ended up just staying outside.  So at first it was by choice, but once you’re out here it’s tough to get out.  It’s much easier to fall into homelessness than to work your way out.  

I just came in from Denver.  Just came here because they were offering free shots for dogs.  My puppy got $10,000 worth of shots for free.  The only other reason I’ll come into the city is to get her spayed.  I don’t like the city – it gives me anxiety.  One day, I hope Boulder will allow us to set up our tents on BLM lands.  That makes the most sense.  It gets tiring looking for a place to sleep every night.  

I spent 3 months in the hospital last year.  My liver is shot – I only got 10 years left max.  That’d put me at 45.  It is what it is.