How did you first become homeless?  

I first became homeless at 18, and have been off and on since then.  I came out to Colorado for the weed, but got caught up with alcohol and some other drugs and was arrested.  When I was released, I had no money and bad credit.  I also have a disability.  It has always been near impossible to find and keep a job with all that. 

What should everyone know about homelessness?

You can’t just take everything at face value.  Most of us are good people.  Sometimes good people make mistakes.  I’ve made two big mistakes, and now here I am.  Our society shouldn’t give up on people like this. 

How has COVID19 changed your situation?

It’s been hard, man.  We’re all out here – I’ve been outside since March.  Library’s closed, shelter’s closed – there’s no choice but to band together.  I know people who couldn’t get tested but were very sick.  We occupy public spaces, and I don’t want to transmit the virus to others.  

What does home mean to you?  

Home is right here.  Right where I find myself at a given moment.  It’s not about having a house.  That’s why I call it ‘roof-less’, not homeless.  Sounds like ‘ruthless’, which I am.