“Let’s see.  What is there to say.  Umm, I’m a victim of my friends getting hippie rich.  Through some pot, they turned into assholes.  We worked our asses off together, and then like, at the end of the time, they were like, ‘I just don’t feel like paying you.’  They straight up told me.  They know me and know I’m not gonna fight over it.

I’m new here.  I didn’t really wanna talk because this [homelessness] is so new for me.  Never thought I’d be here, but here I am.  I have this thing with electricity.  It really affects me.  I can’t be near it.  Trust me, I’m not crazy.

I think most people realize that there are a lot of reasons people are homeless.  They’re not all just trying to scam you to buy drugs and shit.  You know?

It’s not always as bad as it seems.  You got a lot of free time.  With my electricity thing, there are a lot of job options.

[Home] is a place where people love you no matter what.   A sanctuary.  You feel like nothing’s gonna interrupt you.  Everyone around you understands you.  People know you better than you know yourself.”