“Being homeless is rough.  You’re limited to your relationships.  You don’t know who to trust.  But there’s people who know how to work the system.  I live in a tent with a queen sized bed on the beach.   I make it work.

But I don’t trust nobody.   I’m a lone wolf.  I’ve been out here in California for years.  I’ve had my shit stolen.  I’ve been beat up.  Held at knife point by a fuckin’ guy who had been my friend.  People promise to help and don’t.  The shelter, man, you never know when they’re gonna be closed and leave you stranded.

You’re askin’ me how I see the world.  People would say I’m a pessimist, but I’m a realist.  This is a sick society.  I’m sick – I have schizophrenia.  But I still know this is a sick society.”

-Michael (Santa Monica, CA)