“I had a fucked up childhood.  Toughened me up.  From Oakland.  Grew up in the projects with my mom and brother.  Lost my other brother when I was young. He got shot.  I’m done with that though, man.

The truth is, right now, I’m homeless.  Living in a tent.  My main thing with homeless is that I like to be clean.  I like to look presentable.

But you know what sucks most? It’s the cops, man.  They don’t like us.  But why not?  We have not done nothin’.  We’re just sittin’ here and they wanna just wreck us.  They just don’t like the homeless.

Here’s the deal, man.  We can’t be here from 11pm – 5am.  Where we supposed to go?  We can’t go to the bathroom and there’s no water to drink all night.  That just ain’t fair.  These are essentials.

But we’re all very tight here.  We try to keep our areas clean.  Give the cops as few reasons to harass us as possible.”

-Michael (Boulder, CO)