“I’m originally from Nashville, Tennessee.  I hit the road about 3 months ago with just my guitar and backpack.  Caught some rides and got to New Orleans, then Houston, Austin, Dallas, all over Texas really.  Eventually got out here and have been busking around LA for over a month now.

I write a lot of my own songs.  They’re inspired by what I see from the street.  I’m writing one about a girl I met in Albuquerque.  Most of my songs are about traveling and loving each other.   I also play a lot of Hendrix.  Zeppelin, Sabbath, you know…

Home is passion.  I don’t feel homeless because I got my guitar and can bring joy to the people who walk by me playin’.  You know, a lot of people consider themselves homeless, but that’s never been me.  I’ve never thought of myself that way.  Houseless, maybe.  But I prefer vagabond, because I’m not wrapped up in any identity. I’m a traveling musician. I just go where the music takes me!

I’ve met so many people, and shared stories with so many of them.  I appreciate you asking about me and my experience, man.  God Bless.”