“I was a security guard before COVID.  But I lost my job and have been living in the streets for the last six months.  I don’t have family, so there was no one to help.

The good thing is, I don’t have family to take care of.  But meanwhile, I’m just carrying all my stuff.  My clothes.  You know…

At night, I stay here (in the park).  There are shelters, but they are all full.  time goes by, and it is hard to make any changes.  The streets beat you down.  Every day, more and more.  It gets that much harder to stand up every day.  Physically, but also emotionally.  You know….

I survive because of my faith in the lord Jesus Christ.  I have faith in the lord.  I know he is looking after me.  He won’t let me die right now.  I know that.

The thing is, everyone is suffering.  I think that is true, don’t you?  All over the world, people are suffering right now.  So I am grateful to be alive.  I am not one to complain.  So I would rather be grateful than complain.  You know?

Home will be when I sleep inside again.  When I have a house.  It will not be so long until I am home.  But right now, I don’t have a home.  I don’t feel at home anywhere right now.”