“I’m from a wealthy family in La Jolla.  I’ve struggled with alcohol and drug problems since I was a kid. I’m a musician.  To be a hundred percent honest, sometimes I do ask people for money, but I don’t like doin’ that shit.

I’ve explored the whole west coast.  When I was young, all I wanted to do was surf and party.  So that’s what I did.  We would drive up the coast, surf during the day, and party at night.  That’s when alcohol and drugs started to take a hold of me.  My mom didn’t like it, and she kicked me out of the house at 13.

I like it here.  I’ve been here for almost two years.  Good friends.  That’s what makes it nice.  There’s like 10 of us living right here.  All bros.  Everybody watches everybody’s stuff.  No one steals nothing.

We usually get pushed out of wherever we’re camping every three weeks.  But we’ve been out here living’ on beachfront property for over a month now!  Not complaining.  I think the cops gave up on us. They know we’re not doing nothing wrong.  We’ll see what happens.

Home is all about friends and doing what you love.  Surfing.  Playing music.  Fixing bikes.  That’s home for me.”

-Patrick (San Luis Obispo, CA)